Instructions for installing and running the tool (components)


  • You need Java on your machine to run GROOVE. The currently required minimum version is Java 17.

  • MAC users need to get the Open JDK.

  • For the instructions under [Running][#running] to work, the JVM needs to be on your system path. Instructions can be found here.

Stand-alone installation

  • To install GROOVE, download the library (as a zip-file) here

  • Unpack the zip in a directory of your choice. This will result in a bin subdirectory containing the runnable jars (which are essentially empty, merely containing the metadata to find the runnable in the groove jar), and a lib subdirectory containing all actual libraries, that is, the groove jar together with all required dependencies.


All the runnable components of GROOVE are available as JAR files in the bin subdirectory of your installation. For instance, Runnable can be invoked as follows:

  • G to the bin subdirectory, either in a file explorer window or in a command-line window

  • From the file explorer, double-click Runnable.jar to invoke it

  • In command-line mode, type

    java -jar Runnable.jar

    The components that are meant to be invoked from the command line, in particular the Generator and the Imager, have a number of options, which can be queried by

    java -jar Runnable.jar -h

Maven package

You can also download the compiled GROOVE jar (without dependencies), as well as the source files and documentation, from Maven Central: see

Source code

GROOVE is open source; the development version can be found (formatted as Eclipse Maven project) at

Prior versions

Prior to release 6.8.0, GROOVE was maintained on Sourceforge. Older versions of the tool can be found there.